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About RideShare Rental

RideShare Rental bridges the gap between rideshare drivers in need of suitable vehicles and the rideshare companies whose brands depend on attracting—and keeping—drivers with high-quality vehicles. 

We rent cars to rideshare drivers, provide those drivers with insurance, and give fleet operators a platform on which to rent their vehicles to the rideshare market. Our daily, weekly, and long-term rentals can be found in major cities like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Oakland Chicago and Cranford — and new locations are opening each month across the United States.

Professional drivers love RideShare Rental. Here’s why:

Approvals are quick.

There are no long-term contracts.

All cars include insurance and scheduled maintenance.

It doesn’t matter how much you drive—unlimited mileage is included.

All cars are rideshare-ready, meeting the standards established by major companies like Uber and Lyft. 

RideShare Rental is a wholly-owned subsidiary of EVMO, Inc.. RideShare Rental is headquartered at 195 S. Robertson Blvd. BH, CA 90211. +1 (888) 209-5643.

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