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Ambassador Referral Program.

Created: November 2017 last Revised: November 2107

This referral program is uniquely designed for the Rideshare industry. As people earn less and less as a driver, and cost go up it is tough to make a lot of money just driving. RideShare Rental developed this referral program to help drivers to not only get their car for free but also to make additional income that will very quickly surpass what they make driving.

"The program mitigates the cost of renting a car and to help you achieve financial freedom and the same time."


This is "How it works"


When you rent a car from Rideshare Rental you automatically become an Ambassador. As an Ambassador every time you refer someone to rent a car from RideShare Rental you will get paid referral commissions as long as that person stays in the car and you stay an active renter. You start subsidizing your car with your very first referral and as you move in rank from Ambassador all the way to Diamond Ambassador you will have a whole team of people that you will be earning income from. In a very short time, you will have your car for FREE and generating additional income.

The chart above shows you how many people you need to refer to get paid higher referral commissions and how many levels of renters you can build that will help you earn more than you ever thought you could. Your direct referral start at 8% and moves to 14% as you move in rank. You also get cash bonuses as you move in rank from $200 all the way to $5000. The best part is the team you get to build as you move in rank you get to have a team that grows to 7 levels deep.

As each driver you refer and take advantage of the program to build his own team underneath them, they will generate you greater and greater income. Everyone will be working together to build a community of drivers that will be in a short time become financially independent. The beauty of this program is a driver you are already exposed to thousands of people that would potentially be renters. Most people you pick up do not have cars and many of them would love to have a job that gives them the freedom and flexibility being a rideshare driver.

When you share with them the additional benefit of being an Ambassador they will be asking you how they can become a driver and be an Ambassador themselves. All you have to do is give them your card with you unique ID number and they will automatically be placed as one of your referrals. These results vary, it all depends on your commitment and effort you put in and how much you drive. The more people you pick up the better the chance you will have to build your team. You can also talk to your friend or family that is looking to make money too; they can become a driver that joins the program.

"Ambassador Referral Program."

There is no limit to how many people you can refer, you can go as wide as you want. The video will give you more details of how the Ambassador referral program works. And the kind of potential income you can generate.