20 Must have Things for Uber & Lyft drivers in their Rideshare Cars

August 7, 2019

When you become a Uber or Lyft Rideshare driver, you should spend several hours in your car, there are many items you should have on your car to make sure you and your passengers safe and feel comfortable in the car. If the passenger feels safe and comfortable on your car, the passenger might give the good tips and higher rating on the Apps, this is the best way to earn extra money and more rides from your aggregator.

 1.A Mileage Log

In order to have a track of the mileage, you can either use an app or a write-off sheet thus helping you to calculate your income against the mileage thus will help you in paying fewer taxes. Having an app/Sheet helps oneself to know the investment against expenditure and helps in setting up one’s own milestone.

 2.Dash Cam

Sometimes there comes a necessity to record the rides to claim for accidents, unruly behaviour from the passengers. Preferably you can have the updated recorder GoPro Hero 7 Black. Further, the dashcam helps in assuring the safety of the driver and the passenger.

 3.Carry Water and Gums

Always have a stacked car. A passenger who is ill or drunk might need water so always carry water for the benefit of your own self and the passenger. Have an organization of handy snack and the essentials like water and hold a unique place from the other rideshare drivers and get rated high by the passengers.

 4.Hands-free Mount

Uber and Lyft drivers will need GPS during the Rideshare. If you are using the GPS app you will have to mount your phone onto the dash. So mount can be used to hang the phone.

 5.Charging Block

This is the item you can carry to impress the passengers. There is nothing much more painful that the dying phone. It finds beyond awesomeness to find a charger for one’s dying phone in a Rideshare. Carry a Universal port charger that supports both android and iPhone.

 6.Auxiliary cable:

A long drive might give them an unpleasant feeling. You can avoid by allowing them to listen to music. Carry an Aux cable in which the passenger can connect and listen to the music of their choice.

 7.Air Freshener

The first thing a passenger might notice is the fragrance inside the car. It is essential to have an air freshener that fills the passenger’s mind with a pleasant feeling.

 8.Paper Towel/Napkins

If in case of the passenger dropping or spilling something the napkins will be of use to clean up the dropped items. To maintain proper hygiene inside the car is important to get more likely to be rated with 5-star.

 9.Vomit bags

It is on the safer side to carry vomit bags. There might be few passengers who are allergic to vehicle travel and they tend to vomit. To not spoil the car, please carry vomit bags that might help them.

 10.Windshield Cleaner

Generally, the part of the car that is clean more often is your Windows. It is suggested to have the best in market Windshield cleaner in order to keep them clean.

11.Flexible Hand Vac

This will help you to clean the car at the end of the day. Since this is handy to use, cleaning can no more be a huge task. Using the handy flexible Hand vac you can clean up the dust in the car in a couple of minutes. It is not heavy and flexible enough to accommodate in a small area. This potentially maintains hygiene.

12.LED flashlight

Having an emergency light along with you in travel has many uses. The major uses among them are,

  • If your passenger has dropped something, these lights will be useful to find them.
  • If your car has encountered a breakdown at night, you will need emergency light to fix the tires.

Carrying a LED flashlight thus also becomes an essential possession

 13.Lint Roller/Towel for Pets

Generally, pets are allowed to carry in the rideshare. To keep the pet’s hair away from the seats towels could be used. Lint roller helps in removing the hair of the dogs/cats thus helping to keep the seat fabric clean.


It is also important to carry Change. Might not people who travel can have an exact amount. It is important to carry change for a perfect trip for the passenger. Sometimes the passenger can tip you but might not have changed. Have a handful of change always.

 15.First-aid Kit

It is important to ensure the passenger’s safety. If there are any disgrace incidents and the passenger is hurt. It is important to make sure the passenger is treated immediately. Always have a first aid kit in your car.


Keep some hand sanitiser or lotion for your passengers to use. Most people who see a bottle of hand sanitizer and they realize that they can’t remember the last time they washed their hands, and they’ll be happy to sanitize.

17.Cleaning Cloth

It is also important to carry a cleaning cloth that helps you in cleaning your car and your car windows in no time. The passengers might leave behind their fingerprints in the windows. Having a cleaning cloth helps you to get back to ride in no time to earn from fares.

 18.Head and Neck rest

You can add up a few items in order to satisfy the passenger’s travel. Having a Head & Neck rest will help the passengers to have a peaceful journey.

 19.Pen and Index card

Having a basic pen and index cards help in gathering quick information at times. You can’t always get to your phone. Having these two common tools in your car will be helpful for the passengers.


Very useful for wiping the dirt, water, or condensation off of your windows.

These 20 items seem not to be like essentials. But yes, they do influence in various factors that will help you to stand out among the crowd of other rideshare drivers and also helps in getting paid extra for the amenities that are provided.

This list of 20 items that Uber/Lyft driver must carry during their ride will keep you informed and helps you and your passengers to have a comfortable, luxurious and entertaining journey. And also a few essentials mentioned helps you to reduce the fuel used and helps save thousands of dollars in a year.

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