Uber or Lyft Driver Application Rejected? Check here how to Reapply.

December 7, 2019

Applying for Uber and Lyft driver is easy as filling the online application, but if the application is accepted or rejected is not so easy. Most of the drivers got stuck in the limbo, and weeks go by without sending the status of the application.

After some time, if you get to know your application was rejected, neither company will tell why you were rejected, or if there is a way to reapply.

Is it possible to reapply as a driver for Uber and Lyft after the application rejected, you need to wait for 3 – 6 months and changes of approval were very low. But there is no official reapplication process, but we can contact the uber and Lyft to reapply.

How to find the application was rejected by Uber or Lyft?

Most of the drivers don’t know they were rejected or not. The approval process will take several days for both Uber and Lyft. uber will take 7 – 10 days and Lyft will take several weeks. Uber will not reach out to the rejected drivers directly. If your application was accepted, you’ll get an email or text. But the application is rejected, you will not hear anything.

Lyft will contact the drivers with the status of the applications. If your application rejected, you’ll get a message like “Unfortunately, after a final review of your profile, we’ve decided not to move forward with an invitation to join our driver community.”

Login to Uber or Lyft Driver App to see your application.

Another way to find the status of your application is to log into the Uber or Lyft Driver App and see what’s happening. If you can able to log in with as a driver, you were accepted. If not, maybe on hold or rejected.

Major Reasons Why applicants are Rejected by Uber or Lyft?

Uber or Lyft won’t tell you exactly what is the issue, based on your criminal record or driving issues that caused them to reject your application. Most common reasons for rejection.

Background Verification Failed: 

Uber and Lyft will reject you for any issues with the background verification. If the timing of your charge falls outside their stated guidelines, pending issues and arrests without convictions are causes the rejection.

Driving Record Check Failed:

Both the companies will reject you, if you have more than 3 minor violations, suspended licenses and driving without insurance on your record will cause the rejection.

If you are reapplying the Uber and Lyft – Need to wait several months.

There is a possibility to reapply for both the companies, but there is no special guidelines or any other system process for the reapplicants. In the emails with the support staff from Uber and Lyft, we have gotten answers “we will take it based on one by one case”.

Uber: You need to wait for 2 – 4 Months

Lyft: You need to wait for 3 – 6 Months

The process to Reapply for Uber.

Uber doesn’t provide the guidelines to reapply, but we can re-apply. At the time of reapplying don’t fill out the online application, because you will get an error message like already you have an account. To directly contact the uber support and ask for the reapply. But you need to wait for 3 months before will consider your application. Contact the support and let them know, you want to reapply. Ask them what you want to do, and keep emailing until getting the response.

How to Reapply for Lyft?

Lyft doesn’t provide the special guidelines for reapplicants, if you are trying to fill out the driver application the second time, you’ll get an error message already you have an account. For reapplying the Lyft after being rejected, contact Lyft support and ask them to reapply. They will consider your applications if it been 6 months since you were rejected.

In the real-life, if you are reapplying, your chances of approval were very low.

Even though you are reapplying for both the companies, chances of being hired following a rejected are low. If your application rejected due to the background verification failed, it’s very unlikely that either company will reconsider your application. It’s worth trying to work for Uber and Lyft, many rejected or deactivated has been accepted. So it’s worth contacting Uber and Lyft and then try for your Luck.