How to become an Uber/Lyft driver?

August 19, 2019

Step by step guide to become an Uber/Lyft driver:

Uber & Lyft Driver

The most exciting feeling in this world is to be your own boss. Working under a commander feels like you are been forced to do the work. Doing your work under your own guidance gives you that special feeling to experience being your own boss. It is now very simple to earn high under your own captainship with only a smartphone and your car.

As a rideshare driver, you can set your own availability of time, which in turn makes your work enjoyable. You can schedule your timetable according to your own thus maintaining your work-life balance at good phase. Make your schedule at your comfort and earn high at your own territory. Given below is the step by step procedure to become an Uber/Lyft driver.

Any new start is like hurdles running where there will be lots of hindrances to face before tasting the nectar of success. So is starting your career as a rideshare driver is hurdling facing all the difficult situations and to experience the balance and once you get all the ins and out at your tip now you are ready to make a relatively high profit.

And also over time, we provide you with the informative guide which covers everything that is essential for you to become a full-fledged rideshare driver. We also keep you educated to maximize your earning potential in the long run.

Make sure if driving for Uber/Lyft is what you chose to be:

This idea of being your own boss and getting paid well might fascinate you to a greater extent. But there are few things that will have to be mulled over before choosing to be a rideshare driver.

For starters, it is very important to commit to this type of job. There might be a situation that will drive your job to be difficult. There are so many other constraints that depend on your choices, character, personality, and attitude.

If you are a person who is short-tempered and hold up a very high attitude it might be difficult to survive in this field. It is a kind of job that will need much patience, subtleness and a good attitude to your customers.

It also depends on the location you are placed in. Depending on the area you live in everything from the working hours, the drivers you might ride along with, the amount of money earned and many other factors.

What should Uber/Lyft driver expect to earn:

There are three metrics to calculate the earnings,

  1. The first is based fare. This is the fare that is included to pick up each passenger.
  2. The second is charge by time and distance. This will benefit you since even the time is calculated and it is highly profitable.
  3. The third is providing the passenger with the estimated price they would be charged even before their ride

These are the metrics to calculate the earnings for an Uber/Lyft driver.

And also make sure to pick up your passenger as soon as possible.

Fare Restrictions:

There are options for drivers, rideshare has options for the drivers to be paid with the maximum fare even if the time is not covered whereas if the passenger asks for travel of few more distance the driver has full access to cancel/stop the ride even before it begins.

Driver Bonuses:

There might be bonuses such as first time sign up bonuses, prime time, power ride bonuses and subregion prices.

First time sign Up Bonus:

If you are enrolling yourself for the first time in the rideshare then you will be provided with the First time sign up Bonus.

Prime Time:

Riding in the prime time is a multiplier that provides with a big reward and good amount of earning.

Power Drive Bonuses:

This is based on the number of rides you take up. When you overtake the number of usual rides, it comes under the power drive which you will be rewarded with bonuses.

Questions to ask before you start Driving:

Will I be comfortable driving for six or more hours?

It is really crucial to sit and drive for miles and miles for a continuous six and more hours can be a difficulty. It is important for you to be comfortable driving across six or more hours. Make sure you are physically capable to take up this kind of job

Am I ready to be self-employed?

Being your own boss means to have a huge responsibility. Leaves, Vacation, Sick leave everything will have to be managed in such a way that it will not disturb your earnings. And since you might be using your own car which means there would be lots of wear and tear.

Can I work in my own schedule?

As mentioned earlier, it is not that easy to be in track over your own schedule. For instance, if it is cold outside you will feel like to sulk in the bed under the blanket. But you will have to push yourself towards the work.

Uber & Lyft Vehicle and Driver Requirements:

There are few restrictions that are to be followed if you are a newer person to join Rideshare. Rideshare drivers must be at least 21 years old and must have a valid license for a minimum of 1 year. This will make sure you are comfortable to handle any situation.

It is also important for drivers to have a valid license. If you do not have one you will have to undergo DMV before qualifying to drive rideshare.

And also to become a driver you must pass a background check before you can complete the application process. This acts as a protection for you and your passengers.

You must have a license plate with valid registration. Also, you must claim car insurance. Insurance can be provided by so many insurance companies and also rideshare provides with the Insurance.

Your vehicle will have to meet each state’s vehicle age requirements, seating requirements, and other state requirements. And also your vehicle must undergo vehicle inspection.

How to start a Rideshare Driver Application:

How to Become a Rideshare Driver:

  1. Navigate to Rideshare application requirements page
  2. Verify your phone number
  3. Add your vehicle’s information
  4. Add your driver’s license information
  5. Agree to a background check
  6. Make a vehicle inspection
  7. Check on your application status
  8. If you clear all the checks, you may begin driving as a rideshare driver.

Preparing for Vehicle Inspection:

The Inspection includes so many items to be checked and make sure your car passes the Rideshare Vehicle Inspection.

Here are some of the most important items to check before bringing your car in for inspection:

  1. Foot brakes
  2. Windshield wipers
  3. Taillights
  4. Brake lights
  5. Seatbelts
  6. Headlights
  7. Muffler and exhaust system

The expectation from a Background check:

The background check generally has two segments,

1.Driving Record check

2.Background check analysis

1.Driving Record Check:

Listed below are the items. Having any one of them might disqualify you as a potential rideshare driver

  • More than three violations in the last 3  years might be considered a crime.
  • Any major violations in the past three years become a black dot over the record check.
  • Any drug-related driving violations in the last seven years is considered a felony.
  • Any vehicle-related crimes in the last seven years is a misdeed.

Above mentioned shall disqualify you as a Rideshare driver. Make sure you don’t come under any of these.

2.Criminal Background check analysis:

Having any of the following convictions over the past 7 years will disqualify you as a potential Rideshare driver:

  • Sexual offenses
  • Violent crimes
  • Property damage
  • Felonies
  • Drug-related offenses
  • Theft

Maximize your Rideshare earnings:

Taking up a new job and make it a success over the earnings in the initial phase is always a difficulty. Over the initial phase, it becomes a real challenge for the rideshare drivers to work over to maximize the earnings.

Earning a lot of money and making any job success is not really that easy unless you put in your whole heart and work across it.

Provide the best Customer Service:

Enhance the Customer Experience once you started to drive. Drivers that do in this area may find the tip added to their account.

Working as a rideshare driver has many perks. If you are comfortable with the conditions that come with the industry, start your application today.