Rent out your car for uber and lyft Rideshare drivers

March 27, 2019

How nice will it be in renting out your car for a good ransom amount. It’s a buzzing moment when we earn more, more and more.In this Robotic techno world we all are united by means of running towards money, who else will not like in earning more without risk. Such a Risk-less opportunity to make money is this renting your car to the local Rideshare drivers. The whole idea of this online portal Rideshare rentals is to establish a promising business deal between the car owners and the car renters. Thus by which it is benefiting both sides.

Renting my Car? How does it work?

 You might have an extra car or there might be situation where you don’t use your car. Here comes the play of Rideshare Rentals where it is simple as it sounds,just SignUp with us and share your car details.Now your car is ready to earn.Isn’t it sounding crazy but at the same time a kind of cool? Yes, let your car earn and add-up to your wallet. Earn upto $12,000 a year as the demand for the Quality cars like yours with a Qualified Drivers  is what the passenger looks out for. Get registered with us and start earning money right from this moment.

Why Rideshare?

When something sounds interesting ,the very next question that pops in our mind, Why this?  

  1. Get paid Fast and right at the moment : Rideshare Rentals never lets its customers in a blue funk. So the individual registered with us will be paid at a faster pace and the money gets credited as soon as you approve the  renter’s application.
  2. Select a Driver for your car: You have full privilege in approving which driver you wanted to give your car to.That way you will have a good bond with the renter of your car as well.
  3. No Signup Charge: We don’t charge the car owners for listing your car in our portal Rydeshare Rentals.
  4. Low Risk: With us RideShare Rentals we are completely safe and secure,
    • Insurance: Once you are registered with us , your car falls into the Uber Insurance coverage and Lyft Insurance coverage based on the renters who have rented your car.
    • Qualified Drivers: All the drivers signed up with us are checked for their background and they undergo a tedious screening process before they become our certified drivers.

Wanna Rent out your Car?

Renting out your car to earn money is as simple as it sounds, with us Rideshare Rentals.

Listing your Vehicle:

1.Visit our Page .

2.List your Car to earn-

  • Create a Owner’s Login-Feed in your details and create a login for yourself.
  • Login and List your Vehicle-Login to your account and feed in the Car information which may include, Vin,Make,Model and few more details about the car.And also add the Photos of your Car.
  • Rental Information-Now,you may suggest how much you would rent your car and if there would be any availability of discounts.

3.Now,your car is out in listing and is ready to earn.

Choose your own Personalised Driver:

You can choose your own personalised driver for your car,

1.Driver portal-Login and view the portal to find the Driver’s nearby.

2.Invite a driver-Invite the drivers whom you think would be the potential renter.

3.Reach out- You can also give a subscription and try reaching out the renters personally.


Finalize the Proceeding:

1.Upload your vehicle registration- If this is done already ignore this step else will have to upload your vehicle registration as soon as possible thus may speed up the rental process

2.Fill the Damages List-Fill in if the car has any damages so it would be helpful in both the ends.

Once you are done with these two steps,in about 24 hours Rideshare rentals provides you with the car Insurance.



1.Handover the car- Once booking is done,contact the driver and have a mutual place for handover.

2.Inspection and Confirmation-Inspection of damages by both parties and confirmation from both ends is required to proceed further.

3.Insurance-Your Insurance will be generated as soon as the confirmation is made by both the owner and the renter.


Returning the car:

1.Driver is notified about the return-The renter is notified 24 hours in prior abot the drop of the car.

2.Drop off-Similar to the previous process the car is handed back to the owner in a mutual .

3.Confirmation-The drop off is confirmed and thus the renting has a smooth mutual business deal.


As someone said,One person’s Car is another person’s scenery. Rent your scenery to a personalised driver you choose and make money in no time.

Signup with Rideshare rentals in increasing your income towards saving.

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