Tips to be a better Uber & Lyft rideshare driver

February 11, 2020

In the USA, the Uber and Lyft are the most viral, controversial and innovative companies in our generation. Uber and Lyft having more than 1 million drivers on their platform. But all these drivers will not get a good rating from the customers.

“87 percent of Uber drivers said a major reason they drive on the Uber platform is to be their own boss and set their own schedule.” – Larry Kim, Founder and CTO, WordStream

Today we are going to see the driver’s most common mistakes and tips to rectify it. We hope that you can up your ride-sharing game and earn even more money.

8 Common Mistakes Made by Uber & Lyft Rideshare Drivers

Unsafe Driving Habits

If you’re planning to become an Uber & Lyft Rideshare driver, invest the time on roadside safety, rideshare industry instructions and traffic rules on the city.

Failure to get the good cellphone mount

While driving for the rideshare, you need to have a good cellphone mount in your car. Because Uber and Lyft drivers will need GPS during the Rideshare. If you are using the GPS app you will have to mount your phone onto the dash. So mount can be used to hang the phone.

Too much nervous chatter

As a rideshare driver, you need to initiate the conversation with a passenger in a friendly manner. Don’t talk to the passengers with nervousness. It will create an uncomfortable situation, so be polite and friendly.

Chasing the surge charges

The biggest rookie mistake all the ridesharing drivers chasing the surge charges. When you’re chasing the surge rides will leads to disappointment if there’s no strategy involved. Surge algorithm will change dynamically each minute, so the time of chasing the multipliers one by one will not help you to earn money.

Starting the ride soon

If you arrived at the customer’s places early, as a professional driver you needs to be patient to wait. Don’t start the trip, before the customer arrives. It will be an issue if the customers canceled the trip or taking the time to arrive.

Continuing to drive while fatigued

Most of the rideshare drivers targeting the Friday and Saturdays to get more ride. If you continuously driving, it will make you tired and sleeping in the middle of the driving will cause a major loss. So whenever you feel fatigued, park the car, take rest for some time and get refreshed then start your ride.

Ceding authority to the passenger too easily

As a rideshare rider while driving at the late-night, once the passenger boarded follow the instruction and GPS. don’t let the passengers take the authority.

Focusing too much on your smartphone

At the time of driving without an emergency as a rideshare driver should not use smartphones. It will lead to accidents or Passengers will reduce the rating.

Better Rideshare Conversationalist

There’s a lot of things are going into the rideshare driving than just driving. If you really want to get more ratings and tips, you should be a better rideshare conversationalist. Below we have shared the points to becomea greater rideshare conversationalist.

  1. Ease Into the Conversation
  2. Establish the Tone of the Ride Early
  3. Keep the Conversation Casual, Friendly and Civil
  4. Take Conversational Risks – It Makes Life More Interesting
  5. Keep Things Positive
  6. Recognize When There’s Tension in the Air
  7. Never Initiate a Conversation on Sex

As a rideshare driver, if you follow the above-mentioned points, it will increase the chance to get more ratings and booking. Also, you need to drive for both Uber and Lyft, it will increase the chance of getting more booking and money. Rent a car with rideshare rental to drive for Uber, Lyft and delivery services. Rideshare rental having daily, weekly and monthly car rental service in major areas like Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, Seattle, Chicago, North Haven, New Jersey, Connecticut, Miami. Rent a car and start earning from today..!