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Ambassador Program Terms & Conditions

Term and Conditon


Compensation Plan Definitions for Rideshare rental Ambassador program


The following definitions and terms will be used to commonly define the rules and understanding of the Compensation Plan for RideShare Rental,also known as “the Company” for purposes of this document.


Bonus or Commission Related:


Bonus or Commission


Following are specific definitions for the types of Bonuses or Commissions used in the plan:


New Rank Achievement Bonus


All Ambassadors who achieve the rank of Executive Ambassador or higher rank are eligible to earn a bonus valued from $200 for a Master Ambassador, up to $3,000 for a Diamond Ambassador.  Certain rank persistency requirements must be met to earn this bonus for Ranks including Silver Leaderor higher.


Personal Team Volume Bonus


Ambassadorswho have met the qualifications and earned the Title of Master Ambassador, or higher rank, who also meet their paid-as Rank requirements from month-to-month, are eligible to earn Personal Team Volume Bonusdown thru Ten (7)levels ofAmbassadors on their personal team, as qualified to do so by virtue of their earned Title and Paid-As Rank (see definition for “Rank” vs “Title”).  Currently, percentages of this bonus range from 2% up to 8% pending upon the Level a given Ambassador may be at in the downline structure.  Full Compression (see definition) is utilized for purposes of this bonus, which allows for levels with that have dropped of to be skipped over, so that anAmbassador will be paid the maximum number of levels he/she qualifies for.  This bonus is paid based on eachAmbassador’s base rental volume, which is calculated at 100% of the Base rental of any rental for purposes of this compensation plan.


Bonus or Commission –Period


Personal Referral Commissions are PAID WEEKLY on all qualifying volume, based on the Paid-as Rank for which the Ambassadorqualified during the most recent Calendar month.  If a Ambassador were to advance in rank during the month, and would thus be eligible for a higherPersonal referral Commission than they had been paid during the month, a differential commission will be paid at the month-end bonus run for all qualifying Personal Volume.


All otherapplicable Bonuses are paid once each month, unless otherwise specified by the Company from time to time.


Bonus or Commission - Qualified

In order to earn an available specific Commission or Bonus, anAmbassadormust meet all of the qualifications and requirements to be “Paid-As Rank” (see definition below)in the month the Commission or Bonus is earned.


Bonus or Commission - Paid-As Rank

Each Ambassador is paid at the Rank for which they qualify during the calendar month (see “Rank vs. Title”).  If in any given month anAmbassador fails to achieve their highest earned “Title”, they are paid at the lower Rank to which they qualify during that given month. However, they retain their highest earned “Title” for company recognition purposes, but are “Paid-As” the lower Rank for which they actually qualify.  Certain maintenance qualifications must be achieved in order to continue to be “Paid-As” anAmbassador’s highest earned Title as outlined in the detailed compensation plan document.“Paid As” qualifications start over at the beginning of each Calendar month, unless otherwise stated.


Example:  AnAmbassador has achieved the Rank of Master Ambassador in the month of March, by meeting each of the necessary qualifications for that Rank, and is thus “Paid As” that rank for both Personal Retail Volume Commissions as well as downline Personal Team Volume Bonus for that Month. 


In this process, the Ambassador does NOT lose his/her “earned title” of Master Ambassador, but is just not paid at that Title for that given month.  (Also see definition for “Ambassador – Demotion and Requalification Policy”).


If in the next month, if the Ambassador fully meets the qualifications for Master Ambassador, he/she will once again be “Paid As” that Rank.


Commissionable Volume

The amount at which all Referral Commissionsare calculated, is based on the full rentalValue (if collected) of the commissionable rental offered by the Company. 


Compensation Plan

The Compensation Plan defines the different ways in which anAmbassador may earn commissions and bonuses, qualifications to move from one Title to the next, and is based on the sole performance of that Ambassador, and/or that of their team.  Separate from the Compensation Plan the Company may offer incentives and recognition from time to time based on criteria the Company establishes.(see definition for “Incentives” below). The company reserves the right to change the compensation plan at anytime without notice.


Ambassador Related:



Acting as an independent contractor, anAmbassador presents and refers the RideShare Rentalopportunity, and refersRideShare Rentalto end consumers.  For purposes of this compensation plan the term “Ambassador” has the same meaning as an “Independent Ambassador,” “Representative.


Ambassador - Partnerships

RideShare Rentalrecognizes one name per Independent Ambassador Agreement.  Independent Ambassador Agreements are valid only between the Company and an individual or a registered business entity recognized by governmental agencies for legal and tax purposes. Regardless of relationship, marital or family status, anAmbassador may reside at the same address as anotherAmbassador, so long as he/she is not directly or indirectly sponsored by anotherAmbassador with whom they reside.  Non-dependent children over the age of 18 of anAmbassador are an exception to this later rule, and may in fact be sponsored by a parent, grandparent or guardian for whom they may be residing with.


Ambassador - Independent Contractor

A RideShare Rental Independent Ambassador is considered for all legal and practical purposes “independent contractors”, meaning they are not employees, franchisees, agents or partners with RideShare Rental.  Each control how they conduct their business so long as they fully comply with the Terms and Conditions of the Ambassador Agreement and Policies and Procedures of the Company, as published and amended from time to time, and provided they comply with generally accepted laws as applicable on a state by state basis.


Ambassador - Sponsor

AnAmbassador who enrolls anotherAmbassador into the Company is listed as the enroller or “Sponsor”on the Ambassador Application and Agreement.  The act of enrolling others and training them to become Ambassadors is called Sponsoring”.


Ambassador - Frontline

AnAmbassador who has been personally enrolled or sponsored, ora Ambassador who rolls up to the first level of a Ambassadordue to their sponsor resigning, being terminated or failing to renew. 


Ambassador - Active Frontline

To be considered “Active” anAmbassador must be an active renter in good standing with the company, unless other with designated by the company as an Ambassador in special circumstances. 


Ambassador - Inactive

AnAmbassador who is in good standing with the Company, has renewed their Ambassador Agreement on an annual basis (if applicable), but does not currently renting a vehicle from the company.  Inactive Ambassadors are not eligible to earn commissions on Referral commissions, or Team Bonuses.


Ambassador - Titles

The following Titles and abbreviations are used for the compensation plan.  They are listed in order of how they may be achieved from the entry Rank to the highest Paid-As Rank:


Achievement Rank         Abbreviation


Team Builder Ranks:

Ambassador  AMD 

Executive Ambassador  EAM

Master Ambassador   MAM


Leadership Ranks:

Silver Leader  SAM

Gold Leader  GAM

Platinum Leader  PAM 


Executive Ranks:

Diamond Executive  DAM


Ambassador - Demotion and Re-Qualification Policy

Recognition titles are retained for 12 months following the month for which they qualify (Paid-As) for that Title. Within each 12-month period, the Ambassador must fully requalify for their highest Rank ever achieved at least one month during the qualification period in order to retain that title.  Failure to do so means the Ambassador will be demoted to the title for which they qualify for in the last month before they are demoted.  AnAmbassador can never be demoted to lower than a Master Ambassador rank.


Example: if you qualify for any specific title in June, you will keep your recognition title until June 30th of the next year.  If, prior to June, you requalify, for example in September, the title will be retained until September 30th of the next year. Title demotions will occur the firstbusiness day of the 13th month without a requalification. The Ambassador will be demoted to the paid-as title they qualify for in the last month prior to demotion.


Ambassador- Renewal

In order to remain anAmbassador with the Company, the Ambassadorwill automatically renew if they are still in a rental Vehicle of the company or it affiliates. By continuing to rent a vehiclean Ambassador has renewed his/her Agreement with the Company, and affirms that he/she will continue to abide by the terms and conditions as currently outlined, or as updated from time to time, in the Company’s Policies and Procedures.  The Policies and Procedures are an integral part of the Independent Ambassador Agreement.


Ambassador- Termination

A Ambassador’s Agreement may be terminated for a variety of reasons including, but not limited to:

1)      Terminating his or her rental;

2)      Requesting in writing that his/herAmbassador Agreement be terminated voluntarily;

3)      For cause such as an unresolved violation of the Company’s published Policies and Procedures or for any manner of conduct deemed offensive and demeaning to the Company and its reputation and standing in the marketplace


Ambassador–Effect of Termination 

When anAmbassador is terminated for whatever reason, his/her frontline Ambassadors and corresponding downline will immediately and irrevocably be reassigned to the terminated Ambassador’s sponsor (or upline if the original sponsor is no longer a Ambassador with the Company).  The terminated Ambassador will have no claim or any benefit of their downline, and will forever lose suchrights and privileges.





Individuals sponsored by anAmbassador, who in turn sponsor otherAmbassador’s make up a downline.  RideShare Rentalcompensates the upline with bonuses for sales made by the downline, dependent on the upline’s personal level of achievement within the compensation plan qualifications and requirements.


Grace Period

When an existing Silver Leader or above rank, breaks a new Silver Leader, they shall have a “Grace Period” of up to two (2) calendar weeks to re-rent a vehicle.  During the “Grace Period” the Silver Leader will be paid all Personal Team Volume Bonuses, as though they had fully met the Vehicle rental requirement.



Team:You and your entire down line.



From time to timeRideShare Rentalmay offer incentives to help Ambassadors increase their rental referral or build their teams.  The incentives vary, are offered for a limited time, and include various criteria to qualify.  An example of an incentive program is the potential to earnprizesor trips paid for by the Company.  These kind of incentives fall outside the guidelines and established qualifications of the compensation plan structure, and in all cases, the time-frame, qualifications and awarding of any incentive is at the sole discretion of the Company.



Where anAmbassadorfalls in relation to anotherAmbassador.A personally enrolled Ambassador is always regarded as on “Level 1” for purposes of the compensation plan.  When a“Level 1Ambassador”enrolls anotherAmbassador, the new Ambassador is now on the“Level 2” and so forth.


Order Adjustment

Any reconciliation made to anAmbassador’s bonus or commission check.  All commissions and bonuses are based on actual net rental of commissionable rentals.  When rental is refunded,rentals during that period will be reduced accordingly, assuming the refund occurs within the same period the rental was purchased.  If the refund occurs during a subsequent month or commission period, Ambassador commissions will be reduced to reflect the commissions that have already been paid.


Commission and Bonuses are not paid on Starter Kits, Kit add-on orders, Business Supply orders, Insurance, Transaction feesor any other item that is not considered commissionable.


Rank vs Title


RANK:The qualification level at which anAmbassador’s PersonalVolume Commission, Personal Team Volume Bonus, Bonuscompensation will be determined from month to month.

TITLE:The highest rank ever achieved, regardless of whetheranAmbassador is being “Paid-As” that rank or not.


Starter Kit


A selection of RideShare Rentaltraining materials and business support literature that each new Ambassador is required to purchase as part of their enrollment process.




Refers to the Ambassador or Ambassadors above a particular Ambassador in a line of sponsorship, up to the Company. In other words, it is the line of sponsors that links any particular Ambassador to the Company.


Example:  The Ambassador who sponsors a new RideShare RentalAmbassador is the new Ambassador’s upline.