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Driver & Owner Etiquette


Maintain communication with your car owner during the rental.

Always be courteous, respectful, and professional to your car owner.

If you need roadside assistance, contact support and keep the car owner informed.

Keep the car clean and tidy, and fill the gas tank to at least ¼ tank before returning the car.

If you do not feel comfortable with the rental, inform RideShare Rental customer support of the reason and communicate with the owner to schedule a drop off.

Be sure to do a walk-through with the car owner at the beginning of the rental to avoid any discrepancies in the future. Remember to take pictures.

Be sure that you have your RideShare Rental insurance card with you before driving in the car.

Confirm the exact drop-off time a few hours beforehand, so that the car owner can prepare.

Remember that RideShare Rental has a no pet policy for the vehicles listed on the portal. (Service animals are not pets)

If you want to extend your rental, choose "Extend Rental" in the App.

Do not be late on your rental. If you are dropping the car off at a later time than intended, please make sure to communicate that to the owner. RideShare Rental gives a grace time of 2 hours to drop off the vehicle.


Maintain your car: check the oil and other fluid levels, tires, and brakes. 

Do the 19 point inspection ahead of your first rental, if required in your state.

Watch your listings: you will be notified when a driver wants to rent your car.

Always be courteous, respectful, and professional to your car driver.

Be sure to have a quarter of your tank full when you hand off your car.

Make sure to do a walk-through with the driver both at the beginning and end of the rental to avoid any discrepancies in the future.

Take clear photos during pickup (passenger side, driver side, car front, car back) and car dashboard (mileage and gas).

Confirm that the driver has the insurance printed out and in the car (or do it yourself). Please do not hand off the car until RideShare Rental issues insurance. Car Owner must click on “Accept the booking” to start the rental and click on “Confirm Drop Off” to end the rental.

Ask to see your driver’s license and confirm that the name matches the name on the account and insurance. Take a photo.

Car drivers have the option to extend the rental at anytime; communicate with your driver and disallow extensions if you need the car for personal use.

Make sure to communicate at least a few hours before the drop-off so that no one is left waiting.

If you see damages during a drop off, take photos and contact RideShare Rental to start a claim.