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Uber Car Rental Service California

Rideshare companies are adding more than 50,000 drivers a month to meet the current demand, and growth continues to accelerate. RideShare Rental helps drivers get the car they need, and fast. RideShare Rental provides daily, weekly, and long-term car rentals for Uber drivers in major locations like Los Angeles, Dallas, Newark, San Diego and Baltimore.

If you’re an Uber driver in need of a car, you need to know about RideShare Rental. Here’s why:

  • Approvals are quick.
  • There are no long-term contracts
  • All cars include insurance and scheduled maintenance
  • It doesn’t matter how much you drive—unlimited mileage is included
  • The Ambassador Program will help mitigate the cost of renting a car

More RideShare Rental locations are popping up across the United States each month.

Why rent?

Experienced Uber drivers know that the expenses associated with insuring and maintaining a car can cut into their profits. But when you rent a car with RideShare Rental, the guesswork is removed and you can focus on doing what you do making money with Uber.

Every single RideShare Rental car meets Uber’s strict vehicle requirements, but has also been pre-approved by Uber. We place the Uber certificate and insurance card in your hand when you pick up the car.

Don’t miss out on the money you could be making because you don’t own the right car. Rent a car from RideShare Rental and start earning immediately.